How does Pass The Hat work?

Your $2 per month is pooled with the $2 per month from other members of our community. That money is then distributed to help relieve financial burdens of Whatcom County community members who are victims of tragedy, crime or disaster in our community. See our How it Works tab for more info.

What qualifies as “tragedy” or “disaster”?

We define a tragic event as an event that causes a sudden and unexpected loss of life or that has significant life-changing impact on an individual or family, such as a house fire, paralysis, etc.

Do my contributions stay local?

Yes, 100% stays right here in Whatcom County helping local families.

What percentage of my $2 goes to operating expenses as opposed to the cause?

SaviBank has generously partnered with us to significantly lower our banking and credit card fees. Thanks to the generosity of our local & matching sponsors, 100% of your contribution goes directly to the cause.

How is the money I donate distributed to local victims of tragedy?

Our mission is to help “people who do not have people”.

The Pass the Hat Appropriations Committee processes all intakes to determine eligibility, alignment with our mission & determine next steps.

Pass the Hat strives to help those that would otherwise fall through the cracks. Relief funding will not be granted in cases where significant funds have been collected through Go Fund Me, insurance settlements, religious and/or other charitable contributions.

Are you a 501(c)(3) ?

Yes, We are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For further questions about tax deductions, please consult a tax accountant.

Is my debit/credit card information safe?

Absolutely. All transactions are processed and held through SaviBank using a secure platform. Your card information will never be accessible to Pass The Hat. We have a fully secured https site and are PCI compliant. If our website were to be compromised, your info remains completely safe.

Can I do more?

Yes, you can. Share our mission with those closest to you, starting with everyone in your household. Spread the word to friends and family. Encourage your faith community, employer, social club, etc. to join us in our mission!

Can my business be involved?

Yes! Companies and organizations can choose to become a matching partner with Pass The Hat through our Employee Matching Program.

I don’t live in Whatcom County, can I still contribute?

Yes, there is no restriction by geography. All money contributed will stay in Whatcom County, though.

How do I apply for relief from a sudden, unexpected tragedy?

Contact Us

What if I want to update my c.c. information, see my donation history, cancel my subscription, etc?

Click on this link to log in to your Donor Dashboard

If you chose to no longer contribute, we are sad to see you go! Please send an email to cancel@pass-the-hat.org. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds of any kind, but will honor your request moving forward.