Matching Partners

Pass the Hat is a way for each of us to support Whatcom County families impacted by a sudden tragedy for just $2 a month. Local employers can “pass the hat” even further by matching their employee’s contributions for an additional $2 per month each. For example, a business with 15 employees who each give $2 per month would contribute a total of $60 per month. Pretty simple.

Giving locally to Pass the Hat promotes your business as one that supports our community in meaningful ways. All you need is a minimum of two contributing employees (plus your company’s matching donation) which comes to $8 a month. There is no upper limit, of course!

Is your company ready to pass the hat? Contact us at:

Savi Bank
The Chrysalis Inn and Spa
Village Books
Hudson Remodeling
Scratch and Peck
Money Minder
3 Oms Yoga
Hoagland Pharmacy
Bellingham IT
Moles Funeral Home
Bellwether Real Estate
Westford Funeral Home
Gateway Controls

Supporting Partners

Kairn Consulting