Matching Partners

Pass the Hat is a way for each of us to support Whatcom County families impacted by a sudden tragedy for just $2 a month.  Local employers can “pass the hat” even further by matching their employee’s contributions for an additional $2 per month each. For example, a business with 15 employees who each give $2 per month would also be able to contribute up to $30 per month. Pretty simple.

Want to be listed alongside the cool companies below? Want to give back locally while having your business promoted as one that gives back to our community in meaningful ways? All you need is a minimum of two contributing employees (plus your company’s matching donation) which comes to $8 a month. There is no upper limit, of course!

Savi Bank
The Chrysalis Inn and Spa
Village Books
Hudson Remodeling
Scratch and Peck
Money Minder
Fairhaven Floors
3 Oms Yoga
Hoagland Pharmacy
Bellingham IT
Moles Funeral Home
Bellwether Real Estate
Westford Funeral Home
Gateway Controls

Supporting Partners

Kairn Consulting
Satushek Team

There are two ways your Whatcom County business can participate in Pass the Hat. They include:


  1. Organize an employee membership drive.
  2. Set up Pass the Hat as an employee deduction through payroll, then forward one check per month for employee and employer contributions to Pass the Hat.


  1. Organize an employee membership drive.
  2. Employees sign up to donate at, entering your company name in the “Company” field.
  3. We’ll tally how many of your team sign up and let you know.
  4. You match their contributions and send a check to Pass the Hat each month.

Ready to start helping families in our community and feeling great about it? Email our volunteer board members at (we’ll get back to you shortly!) or call (253) 260- 5571.

Interested?  Send this web page to your boss with a “Hey, we should do this!” message. Or, if you’re a boss-type, send it to your staff with a “Should we do this?” message.